“The versatility of beer knows no culinary bounds”

The Three B’s

Food and beer share common flavour's and bridging helps to bring these two flavours together.

Roasted malts bridge together with roasted meats.

Similar flavours such as a squeeze of lime on a Thai dish will bridge perfectly with the lime flavours of New Zealand hops such as Riwaka.

Sometimes in life you need a little boost and in food pairing this role is taken by beer. When brought together beer can boost food flavours and create something far tastier.

Strong Cheddar cheese with an American IPA or Chocolate Ganache with a Belgium Kriek take these dishes to a higher level.

In some ways the most important of all when pairing food and beer. Strong bold flavours need to be balanced or sometimes softened so nothing overpowers.

Sweet, Salt, Fat, Acidity, Heat, Richness, Carbonation and Bitterness can all be controlled and balanced by the right beer.

Weisse beer with a creamy curries or Sour Beer with a sweet vanilla cheesecake.

“Great beer can compliment and enhance food in ways that wine cannot”


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